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FastAPI and Pydantic - Intro

One of the use cases where SQLModel shines the most, and the main one why it was built, was to be combined with FastAPI. ✨

FastAPI is a Python web framework for building web APIs created by the same author of SQLModel. FastAPI is also built on top of Pydantic.

In this group of chapters we will see how to combine SQLModel table models representing tables in the SQL database as all the ones we have seen up to now, with data models that only represent data (which are actually just Pydantic models behind the scenes).

Being able to combine SQLModel table models with pure data models would be useful on its own, but to make all the examples more concrete, we will use them with FastAPI.

By the end we will have a simple but complete web API to interact with the data in the database. 🎉

Learning FastAPI

If you have never used FastAPI, maybe a good idea would be to go and study it a bit before continuing.

Just reading and trying the examples on the FastAPI main page should be enough, and it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes.